Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Week 5

Most of this week was spent with our CA friends and getting ready for them.  But last weekend the girls both spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's while I went out for Patti's birthday.  It is so cute and awesome that they can both do that now.  I feel kind of bad because I made a big deal of it when Lily slept over for the first time.  This is Dani's second time and I still haven't gotten a picture! 

Of course the week included Lily sleeping with me every night that Chip was at work.  She's my summer bed bug and I love every second of it!  

On Friday morning we went to a Sofia the First event at the library.  It was advertised as "learn how to be princess at Royal Prep with Sofia".  So I thought maybe Sofia would be there.  She wasn't.  They made their own amulets, tiaras and had a scavenger hunt and games.  It was fun, but what made it better was that we ran into Abby and Macy there.  So the girls were happy to have friends!

Macy did not want to take a picture. :)

Of course the weekly post isn't complete without some selfies with my babies!

Friday afternoon we met Patti and Emily at Chick Fil A for "Cow Appreciation Day".  If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal.  Lily has gone the last three years with Emily -- it is sort of their tradition, so of course we had to go this year too.

Emily even dressed her doll.  Dani was WAY too cool for this crap.  She would have no part of it. :)

Dani likes to crawl on me like I am a jungle gym,  I am going to be SO sad when she is too big to do that anymore.  She is also into pinching and squeezing on my cheeks.  She does it constantly.  It is like her calming thing.  Lily twisted her hair.  Dani squeezes on my cheeks.  It just started a few weeks ago.  She does it all day and the most at night before bed.  Sweet baby.

Sunday night Lily went to Logan's for a sleepover!  She wore her new (fake) glasses that she got at the mall and brought the Olaf doll her and Jenna got.
Dani was sad that she didn't get to go to Logan's too, so I took her for ice cream and that makes everything better!

Then I had a fun night cuddling and playing with Dani while Lily was at Logan's and Chip was a work.  She is so silly and fun!

Today after Lily came home from Logan's we had some errands to run and stopped for frozen yogurt for lunch!!  I am LOVING this summer break with my babies!

Last Day

Their quick trip was already almost over.  The guys went golfing again and we took the kids to the Frisco Aquatic Center.  It was so fun! Watersides, lazy river, pool, kid area.  I loved it.


  (Sorry, still on Lily's laptop, so I can't figure out how to straighten my pics)  

 Just floating down the lazy river!

Later in the evening, after lunch and showers, Kristi, Lily, Jenna, Colton and I went to the mall to hit the Disney store and get dessert!

 Dani opted to stay home and play with Garrett who she was now calling "The Green One" since he was in a green t-shirt.  For some reason she could not remember their names!!  They sat outside and watched movies on the ipad. So sweet.

 Lily and Jenna got BFF necklaces at the mall.  They really bonded and Lily adores and misses Jenna so much already.
 Trying to get a last picture of the gang before bedtime and them leaving in the morning.  Dani was very excited about her Mario Kart happy meal toy!